About Me


Hello and Welcome to WatchMeGo!

My name is Colleen Rose and I created this blog in April 2018 in the hopes of sharing all of that I have learned since starting traveling, and documenting every mistake I’ve made since.

I define myself as a writer, ametuer travel blogger, and aspiring shower singer. But I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old, so I focus on my writing.

Travel isn’t always about running away from things. Sometimes it’s about running into what you truly want.

WatchMeGo was created as a way for me to stay in contact with all those I love, while adventuring through new doors in life, and meeting new people! It probably isn’t the most creative but I went with WatchMeGo because that’s what you’re doing. I have no plans to stay in one place for an extended amount of time, the travel bug inside me won’t let go. So WatchMeGo is about travel, adventures, living in a budget, and learning to live again after years of fear.


I hope you find a home within my blog, as I would love to keep you on this amazing journey with me. This is just the beginning of something big.

I’m still learning – So please be patient with me as my blog becomes this beautiful creation I know it can be.



xoxo Colleen Rose