Travel Apps to help you stay Organized

I love to travel! Anything that involves new cultures, I’m on it. As a female who enjoys being able to travel alone, staying organized is a way that I stay safe. In no particular order I’m going to list all of my favorite travel apps.

  1. Mobile Pass


If you travel internationally, you’re aware about you have to fill out questions to get back into the U.S. This app allows you to “Breeze through customs”. Fill out the information, upload your passport, along with a wonderful photo of yourself, and when you enter back it’ll provide you with a QR code so you only need to follow the signs for the designated Mobile Passport lane. Trust me, you’ll be happy you downloaded this. mobile pass.png

2. GlobeConvert


Just another free app to convert currencies. But the ability to search through all currencies and switch them back and forth makes this a favorite of mine. Also it allows you to favorite currencies you use most often.

currency converter

3. Time Traveler

Time Traveler is the best app to keep you from gettting  jet lag. Recently I spoke with my father who travels regularly for work and he finds that taking a nap upon arriving to help. But I’m someone who likes to not lose time once I’m there.  That’s where this app comes in, you write in your time zone, when you leave, and where you’re going. With that it’ll slowly transition you over to the time zone.


4. LoungeBuddy


If you get to the airport super early or have a long layover sometimes you want to just be able to relax. While you’ll have to pay the $30-60 if you have that long layover, it can be helpful. While I haven’t used this app to purchase a lounge pass, it’s nice to have so I can find the right lounge to go to if needed.

5. MyTSA


What I hate the most about flying is getting through TSA. No matter how many times I do it, I always forget what I need to pull out, take off, put in what compartment. Having the MyTSA app allows you to see what you can/can’t pack, when your airport is busy (and where), and if you have Pre-Check it’ll show you where is best. I like having this for peace of mind because this is my least favorite part of flying.tsa

6. TripIt


This is by far my favorite app in keeping all of my plans organized. It connects to your email and anything that gets sent you about a trip you’ve put in, they’ll add it to your itinerary. I will never be without this app. My flights to hostel to tours. Plus it’ll show you stores nearby.


7. Travisa Visa

download (1)

Do you know the requirements required of you as a Tourist going to Thailand? Well, this app tells you exactly what those requirements are. Before booking a ticket anywhere check this and make sure you can follow all the requirements. Super helpful and completely free.

These are my top 7 tips and I hope you found them useful. If you want to learn more, make sure to follow my blog as if will be sure to give more advice in the future. Comment below if you have any travel tips to share!



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